Suffrage Centennial of Campaign Wagon, 1913-2013

In 1913 a suffrage wagon began its journey from 108 Madison Avenue in Manhattan to Long Island to begin a month of intensive campaigning for Votes for Women. New York State won the vote in 1917, after one failed campaign in 1915. The suffrage campaign wagon featured in this video is a reminder of the extensive grassroots activism that was involved in winning Votes for Women. Did you know that tens of thousands of Votes for Women activists across the nation organized in their communities, as well as on the state and national level. Perhaps your grandmother or great grandmother, or someone in your family was involved? This important part of American history hasn't been given its due, but this is changing. Take a minute (literally a minute) to look at this fun and playful video. One... read more
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Suffrage Centennial of Campaign Wagon, 1913-2013