Story Invitation to We will dance with Mountains (trailer)

Here's a story invitation to We will dance with Mountains []! In a week, we begin our expedition! You can be a part of this. Participate in a live Q/A Session on Saturday, June 18, and find out if this call of the 'wilds beyond our fences' is for you [details about how to make the call are below]. We will dance with Mountains is a four month expedition to the between-spaces, the grounds where the ‘old’ ideas about our place in the world are no longer true, and where we must confront nonhuman earth others; reimagine boundaries between bodies, objects and contexts; resacralize grief; meet our bodies, and cultivate new response-abilities with a world that is entangled, wild and promiscuous. This is about stretching the boundaries of being human, and... read more
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Story Invitation to We will dance with Mountains