Storming the Temple (2004)

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"The army went into Darbar Sahib not to eliminate a political figure or political movement but to suppress the culture of a people, to attack their hearts, and to strike a blow at their spirit and self-confidence."
- Joyce Pettigrew

A documentary aired on the Canadian History Channel about the events that took place in 1984, in Punjab. This was when Indian government killed thousands of innocent people to destroy the Sikh spirit, and sacrilegiously stormed the most famous shrine of the Sikhs, without obeying any rules of respect or regard. Sikhism is a religion distinct from both Hinduism and Islam. Sikhs believe in One God.  The government intentionally planned the attack on the Shaheedi Divas of Guru Arjan Dev Ji, a religious holiday of the Sikhs, when pilgrims would be packed in the temple. 40 other Gurdwaras (Sikh temples) were also attacked on that day.

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