Anti-Eviction ShouXing (2) 紹興反迫遷

Old & In The Way 老吾老! ShouXing Community 紹興南村 vs NTU Capital 台大財團: The NTU Capital & KMT officials are evicting longtime Taipei city residents. Many of the affected are ELDERLY, DISABLED and LOW-INCOME with no affordable housing options. 憲法155條:「國家為謀社會福利,應實施社會保險制度。人民之老弱殘廢,無力生活,及受非常災害者,國家應予以適當之扶助與救濟」。 ShouXing Community 紹興社區 is a 60yrs old community in Taipei city, until KMT the ruling party registered the land to the NTU Capital in a questionable way. NTU uses "Sued To Leave告死你" on everyone in the community for the right of the land (eviction, displacement, gentrification, occupy). 到了實施土地登記的年代,由於此處鄰近七間當時的日本教授宿舍,台大職員一口氣將整個街廓登記為台灣大學所有,但當時土地不值錢,也沒人通知登記事宜,住戶們一代代住下來,只大約知道土地是台大所有,對產權毫無概念。土地徵收條例第34-1條:「徵收公告一年前有居住事實之低收入戶或中低收入戶人口,因其所有建築改良物被徵收,... read more
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Anti-Eviction ShouXing (2) 紹興反迫遷