Short Film : খবরাক্রান্ত (The News Freak)

খবরাক্রান্ত! Direction Nazmul Hoque Nayeem ( Nayeem Arch) Story Moshtaq Sabbir Script Nazmul Hoque Nayeem Nazmul Hasan Darashiko Moshtaq Sabbir Ahmad Musaffa Raisul Islam Zaeem Storyboarding Shamim Ahmed Editing & Cinematography Maruf Raihan Sound Arrangement Abdullah Al Jaber Character Abu Saleh Sourov Asib Mahmud Raz Arnob Shiraz Zayeem Technical Support Maruf Raihan Creative Director Nazmul Hasan Darashiko Art Director Moshtaq Sabbir Nazmul Hoque Nayeem Raisul Islam Zayeem Chandan Omi Sehran Parvez Shean Location BUET Azumpur Studio Biporit Paribag Assistant Director Raisul Islam Zayeem Moshtaq Sabbir Chandan Omi Sehran Parvez Shean Co-producer Raisul Islam Zayeem Shoaib Shoiniq Producer Nazmul Hoque Nayeem A Studio Biporit Production An Anarhi Film Presentaion read more
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Short Film : খবরাক্রান্ত (The News Freak)