Saddam's Iraq (1991)

What was life really like in Saddam’s Iraq? Filmed just before the first Gulf war, it depicts a prosperous and sophisticated society in which every aspect of life is coloured by ‘love’ for the ‘Great Leader’. Darkly ironic, this film captures the surreal and Orwellian nature of life under Saddam Hussein. In a country which today has lost even its most basic services, the testimony of this vanquished middle-class and the prosperity of their society resonates on many levels. In 1989 American filmmaker Jeff B. Harmon went to Iraq to make a film about Saddam’s unique brand of dictatorship. He found a cultured and surprisingly benevolent society, prospering despite the awesome power of its dictator Saddam Hussein. Visually a modern secular state, the contrast between this society and the... read more
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Saddam's Iraq (1991)