Residents Resist Social Cleansing - Take Over London's Sweets Way Estate

Residents of a housing estate in Barnet have held a further day of protest over plans to redevelop the area.  Many of those living on the Sweets Way Estate have been moved out ahead of work to build new luxury flats on the site. Protesters have called the evictions “social cleansing”. - London Live

Annington Homes wants to build houses that most of London won't be able to afford, in the middle of a housing crisis and they are kicking out dozens of families who have made this estate our community for the past 6 years. Barnet Council is letting this happen. We will not stand by as our community is torn apart in the name of redevelopment! - Sweets Way Resists

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Residents Resist Social Cleansing - Take Over London's Sweets Way Estate