Profound Human Potential Challenge with Wim Hof! Kilimanjaro 2014

Absolute astonishment about the capacity of our body. Is that simple for us to affect our immune system? Step by step our skeptical view changed into amazement. How far can one reach with the Wim Hof Method (WHM)? Imagine how ill people could influence their health and how healthy people could become so much fitter, stronger and more energetic.

Wim Hof has been teaching people his brilliant method for increasing vitality and is a 21x world record holder for his extreme challenges.

In 2014, Wim will take 25 participants, healthy and diseased, young and old, all walks of life up to Mount Kilimanjaro in only 3 days wearing nothing but shorts to show that the Wim Hof Method works for learning to control the autonomic nervous system, circulation, and strength.

Great article about Wim Hof here:

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Profound Human Potential Challenge with Wim Hof! Kilimanjaro 2014