Pandilleros con Ganas de Vivir (2008)

This is a powerfully moving documentary about life in the ghettos of Panama, Central America, and the potentially violent consequences of life on the streets. The film gives an insight into the lives of some of the youth who, through feeling they have no other option, turn to gang life for a sense of inclusion, protection and comradeship-things that were lacking in their formative years growing up. Enter the Art of Living Foundation and its powerfully positive life changing programs, centred on breathing techniques, yoga, meditation and social reformation projects. The film follows the progress of some of the youth who have been involved in gangs, and how their experiences and perceptions of life blossom for the better, as a result of going through-and sticking with-the courses that the foundation introduces to them.

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Pandilleros con Ganas de Vivir (2008)