Ocean Acidification Experiment

The world's amazing white-sand beaches are made from coral reefs that parrot fish chew off and excrete, and the beautiful tiny star-shaped shells of discoaster plankton. Coral and sea shells are calcium carbonate CaCO3. They sequester carbon. Scientists report that half the CO2 increasing in the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels are being absorbed by the oceans becoming carbonic acid. As the oceans get more acidic they dissolve coral, and stop oysters and clams from forming shells. The sea life dies. While I was thinking about this it startled me that no one is talking about what happens to the coral sand beaches. Thus the experiment. All carbonated beverage contain carbonic acid, the same acid as in the ocean. But CocaCola is famous for dissolving teeth and meat. I wondered what it... read more
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Ocean Acidification Experiment