Noam Chomsky: Distorted Morality

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In this remarkable documentary, Noam Chomsky offers a riveting but devastating critique of America's current war on terror arguing, in fact, that it is a logistical impossibility for such a war to be taking place. Professor Chomsky presents his reasoning with astonishing and refreshing clarity, drawing from a wealth of historical knowledge and analysis. "Only those who are entirely ignorant of modern history will be surprised by the course of events, or by the justifications that are provided..."

Chomsky, a MIT professor is a world-renowned author and expert on media communications and politics. Though he may not have the most charismatic speaking style, his knowledge and ability to tie events together to explain a non mainstream story, is bar none. He is often interviewed in documentaries due to the respect that he has earned over his long career promoting the interests of the middle and working class. In this speech, he gives an interesting timeline of U.S. sanctioned state sponsored international terrorism spanning several continents and several decades while giving the U.S. government the benefit of the doubt in areas of dispute. The facts may surprise you.

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