My Country is the World!
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Worried about our planet?  Do the old political systems seem broken
beyond repair?

Can you imagine the joy of discovering we don't
need to keep knocking our heads against the wall inside a broken political

Remember Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz?  She kept struggling to get the mighty wizard
to save her, when all along the power was right inside. All she had to do was
click her heels and she'd be home.

What if you could click your mouse and suddenly
discover you could bring our planet home?  That we, the people, are the ones with the
power to build the future we choose?

What if a song and dance man, Garry Davis, who
was Danny Kaye's understudy, could use a little humor to give us a new way of
looking at the world?  Help us see, as
astronauts do, that we don't have to struggle to make the world one -- it
already is!

And these borderlines carving it up?  They are just made up!  And the great thing is that inside the line,
we don’t fight wars.  Amazing when you
think of it.  But outside, we say it’s okay,
even heroic, to kill people.  So what if
we drew the line around the whole planet?

We are the sovereigns, the ones who create governments
and give them power, says Garry.  So come
click together with Garry and explore how we can evolve a collaboratively
governed world!

Start by clicking on .  Then also go to

Bring our planet home. Join us in building a future
in which each of us can say:

My Country is the World!
on Sun, Jul 3 2011 · 7,118 Views
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