My First Acute Psychotic Episode - Translated In Sound

PSYCHOSIS is an accurate translation in sound of my first acute psychotic episode. It is an audio work in five sections where I try to recreate all the feelings, experiences, sensations and emotions I had while in that mental state. My mission is to make the darkness conscious, bring it to light, educate people and dispel prejudices about these conditions, which are so often misunderstood. 0:00 - 3:50 : MINDCRASH "The fear of everything... the fear of everything crashed my mind" 3:50 - 6:20 : LOVE VS FEAR "I understood that something big was going to happen. The quality of what was about to happen was unknown to me though" 6:20 - 9:33 : COMMUNION "A mystical crisis? I know that I felt something indescribable. And a strong sense of awe. My change was coming. I just had to clench... read more
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My First Acute Psychotic Episode - Translated In Sound