Music Video About Violence & The American School System Drops A Lyrical Truth Bomb

"Matre is young, but he's aware of the violence in the world. Not overseas. Not in major cities around the country. But in his own damn backyard. Los Angeles. The police, meant to protect and serve, are getting shipments from the army containing grenade launchers, armored trucks, automatic guns. They're shipped to the fucking school districts, man. And Matre knows it. Unfortunately, people are okay with it. Matre questions the police what their ambitions are with all the weapons, but they remain quiet. In the video, a student is detained and questioned by the school police under suspicion he's trying to rally up students to be aware of the cause. He's let go, and the rally is held. With the student formerly detained and the police in plain clothes watching on, Matre says, "I put my... read more
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Music Video About Violence & The American School System Drops A Lyrical Truth Bomb