Mom, Why Did You Circumcise Me?

This documentary was made by journalist/filmmaker Michael Schaap. See his latest works by visiting his site: Carefully consider these reasons as whether or not to do this: 1. For the dads: Your son will never look like you in every way. Boys rarely see their fathers penises past a young age, and no matter what, grown mens penises look very different in size and hair content from their baby boys. Daddy, that because I am argument is a pretty poor one. Your mother made the decision to circumcise you in a culture very different from ours. Would you also have your wife not breastfeed if your mother did not? 2. Locker room fears: if 40% of boys are now left intact (and more in some places), your son won't look much different than others in the locker room. And... read more
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Mom, Why Did You Circumcise Me?