Meeting the Inappropriate/d

In October 2015, Sheridan Hookimaw, a thirteen year old First Nations girl from Attawapiskat, Canada, took her own life by a river. Hers was not the first or the last suicide. Hundreds of suicide attempts by children and adults alike have soon followed in Sheridan's wake, a situation that has prompted the Canadian government to declare a state of emergency. What is causing these suicides? SFU guest instructor, speaker and Coordinator of 'the emergence network', Dr. Bayo Akomolafe's keynote speech 'Meeting the Inappropriate/d - The Liminality of Justice and Reconciliation in Canada' is about the deep trauma of colonization, the continued subjugation and exclusion of worlds and cultures even when the best intentions are present, the need to rethink reconciliation as something more than... read more
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Meeting the Inappropriate/d