Marc Crispin Miller Speaks at NYC CAN Rally

Mark Crispin Miller speaks at a rally organized by NYC CAN (Coalition for Accountability Now) on Sept 27th, 2009. NYC CAN is a group consisting of survivors and family members of the victims who were murdered on Sept. 11th 2001. NYC CAN is demanding a new investigation into the attacks and is currently in a battle with the City of New York to get a referendum put on the November ballot to ask NYC citizens to vote on whether to have a new investigation established. Over 80,000 New Yorkers have supported their petition, well over the 30,000 required to get a question added to the ballot, yet the city's lawyers continue to fight the group tooth and nail. Miller gives an excellent synopsis of the "no-brainer" that is this groups rallying call, and dispels some myths lobbied at so-named "truthers."
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Marc Crispin Miller Speaks at NYC CAN Rally