Anti-Eviction Losheng 樂生反迫遷

One blade of grass, one drop of dew 一枝草 一點露 2012: LoSheng樂生 vs RTC捷運局(1), vs Taipei City Hall北市府(2~4) 2013: Losheng樂生 Taipei Rally北市大遊行(5~12), vs MRT HUILONG捷運迴龍站(13), Ghost Festival中元祭(15) 2014: LoSheng樂生 vs Taipei City Hall北市府(16~17) Losheng Sanatorium 樂生療養院 is a hospital for lepers, located in Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. Losheng means "happy life" was constructed in the 1930s during the Japanese colonial period. At present there has been heated debates and protests about the plans to replace Losheng Sanatorium with a MRT (Mass Rapid Transport) depot. Reasons to preserve Losheng Sanatorium: - Waste of money: 3/5 of the depot site needs to be built on flatland; therefore $90 million (USD) will be spent on flattening and improving the soil. - Disaster for the... read more
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Anti-Eviction Losheng 樂生反迫遷