Living in the Shadow (2016)

Living in the Shadow is a documentary that explores the effects of redevelopment in East London. The film follows the developing story of The Goodsyard development project — a derelict site at the risk of becoming a complex of skyscrapers. ‘Redevelopment’ as a process is neither intrinsically good nor bad, it carries with it different significance for different people; and with them, different demands and visions for an ideal community. By telling the stories of the major stakeholders of The Goodsyard development — residents and campaign groups, the council, and the property developer — we aim to present a comprehensive understanding of how this development project will affect those whose livelihoods are closely tied with the unique characteristics of Shoreditch.

Director: Abby Tipton

Producer: Stanley Leung

Cinematographer: Julie Suchá

Sound Engineer: Tom Seely

Editor: Stanley Leung

4.0 ·
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Living in the Shadow (2016)