Life at 30 Frames a Second - a reading from the book of Boomer

A reminder of how media affects us all; using media as the message. Life at 30 frames a second… We are serfs, serfs who believe we are still somehow changing the world for the better. Thinking globally acting locally we are at least brave enough to put a “Question Authority” bumper sticker on a “Go Green” Taxicab. Well, to be honest, it’s more like a sigh of disgust as we simply declare the world changed. The world has changed; IT’s being sold to us in shiny packages, with wondrous capabilities and ever increasing nuances of the past. We breathe IT in, we devour IT, we pray IT will lead us to salvation and intervene for us at the gates when IT is revealed, the one true revelation; that we have been put to sleep by the awesome sounds of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”.    We’ve told the... read more
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Life at 30 Frames a Second - a reading from the book of Boomer