LibLabCon - "So Bad It Should Be Illegal." (trailer)

The blockbuster that cost £60,0000,0000,000 to make! So bad it should be illegal. 

There are times when it's necessary to fight against things that have become so wrong that they should no longer be.

For too long now, the political elite have had their heads buried in the sand and who take the people for granted.

The is a campaign group made up of private individuals who have come together to provide a platform to expose the weaknesses of the political elite. 

The group has engaged the services of professional campaigners from the commercial world and all sides of the political spectrum to run the campaign.

It isn’t right-wing, left-wing or any-wing.....we treat all politicians with equal contempt.

It seeks to engage with all people who feel that their voices are not being heard by politicians who are cocooned in the Westminster Bubble. By providing this platform, we welcome contributions from everyone whether it be stories, art, quotes, tweets, blogs, pictures, videos, graphics, cartoons or any other medium you wish to express yourself.

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LibLabCon - "So Bad It Should Be Illegal."