Ladakh : Breaking Stereotypes (2016)

Ladakh is that one place, which is by default on everyone's Bucket List. But what happens, when a pristine land becomes a tourist hotspot? Last year I went on a trip to Ladakh that changed my paradigm towards a lot of things. Like so many of you, I have a million memories that I shall cherish forever.
But in some ways it was very different for me in the sense that I lived the Ladakhi life. 
Saw the world through their eyes.
And it was in sharp contrast to how we see it.

There is a lot to learn from Ladakh and its age-old sustainable practises and this short documentary talks about the same.
Help me break the stereotypical Ladakh image. Share this.
Or if not, just implement this awareness in your travels to every other place in the world and especially, LADAKH.


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Ladakh : Breaking Stereotypes (2016)