La Castañera - The Brazil Nut Gatherer

Marie Luz lives in the Boca Parimanu native community and goes each year to harvest Brazil nuts with her sons. This short documentary talks about her life as a brazil nut gatherer. Brazil nuts are native to a small region of Brazil, Peru and Bolivia. They are trees that tower in the jungle canopy, rising over 40m. They survive and produce well only in intact rainforest. Forming an important part of the economy and jungle ecosystem, the protection of Brazil nut trees has become Peruvian law. Now gatherers work in Brazil nut concessions where management of the forest falls on the concessionaires. In this system people live in close connection with the jungle, hopefully maintaining forest cover in favor of promoting a good harvest. Now new opportunities are arising as producers find... read more
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La Castañera - The Brazil Nut Gatherer