“Karollyne”: The Dog-Rescuing Homeless Encampment in Rio de Janeiro’s Forest

Roughly seven minutes away from my house by car, down a mountain road in the middle of the forest of Rio de Janeiro, sits an encampment in which several homeless people live. Because it’s behind a wall, one can’t see the encampment from the street. But what one does see when driving by, almost always, is a phalanx of dogs in various states of play, leisure or napping in front of the wall. I’ve seen this motley collection of canines countless times over the years. It was always mystifying because they were so obviously well-fed and cared for despite rather clearly living on the street. Equally mysterious was their quantity: It seemed one spotted new dogs in the pack each time one passed by. As it turns out, the lives behind that wall are remarkable, and are the subject of Karollyne... read more
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“Karollyne”: The Dog-Rescuing Homeless Encampment in Rio de Janeiro’s Forest