Jon Stewart: Why Is This Country A** Deep In Illegal Guns?

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As expected the, NRA wasn't  particularly pleased with President Obama's gun control proposals. And why not? As Jon Stewart outlined on Wednesday night's "Daily Show", the organization has enjoyed massive influence on gun laws and their enforcement for quite a while. If you've been asking yourself why the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms hasn't been more effective in controlling the massive amounts of illegal guns in this country, you're not alone. Watch part one above of Jon's look at the limitations that are "completely castrating" the ATF and part two after that. Get ready to have your head spin. NOTE: IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE THE U.S. YOU CAN STILL WATCH THE VIDEO USING SECURITY KISS Just download and run their free software. We've checked it out ourselves. Make sure... read more
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Jon Stewart: Why Is This Country A** Deep In Illegal Guns?