Jill Stein Rap Song (Green New Deal)

VERSE 1 You have a right to vote, but also have a right to know All the candidates that ya could be voting for Yeah ya know Hill and Trump, but there’s still one more The only candidate left who ain’t a corporate whore! Still Jill Stein, There’s still Jill Stein Bernie fans Stop cryin, cause there’s still Jill Stein Don’t step in line, grow a spine and fight  Let’s get Jill Stein the mic debate night! All Hill and Trump do is lie so sign the petition to get Jill Stein airtime She’s real, not fake, you can see it with your eyes She’s the only candidate that doesn’t use hair-dye While Hill and Trump wine and dine, Jill Stein still strives  not for the %1 but for the 99 We need to transform to a brighter paradigm  And Jill Stein is our Optimus Prime! If ya wanna fix the climate in... read more
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Jill Stein Rap Song (Green New Deal)