Ihtiyacınız Olan Her Şey (Everything We Need)

Istanbul is a truly dynamic city, full of paradoxes and historical treasures, with an exploding population of over 20 million people. Its perpetual industrialization spearheaded by the government and the disproportionate financial opportunities available in the city continues to draw people from within and outside of Turkey. Zumbara is a time-banking community that facilitates thousands of exchanges between people in Istanbul and in other cities in Turkey. It believes that 'another world is possible', in which people are less preoccupied with money, and more embracing of values that have become crucial in an increasingly urbanized world: these include trust, community, gratitude, and integrity. "Ihtiyacınız Olan Her Şey" (Everything We Need) introduces the vision of Zumbara through... read more
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Ihtiyacınız Olan Her Şey (Everything We Need)