Bill Moyers: Ag-Gag Laws Try to Call Food Safety Whistleblowers Terrorists
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I don’t know what to find more horrifying — the idea that people still habitually abuse helpless animals, or that this is how parts of our country want to treat the people who try to stop it.

WARNING: This video contains some disturbing footage. But most of it is just Bill Moyers talking about something you really should know about. So you can just do what I do and close your eyes during the worst parts, OK?

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If this video made you angry, you might want to share it. (I don't think that would make you a terrorist.) Especially if you live in Utah, Arkansas, South Carolina, Missouri, or Iowa (or Pennsylvania or North Carolina, where ag-gag laws are pending). Or eat meat from there. Or like animals.
on Tue, Jul 30 2013 · 4,984 Views
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