Heaven Earth (2008)

Heaven Earth displays all day activities of Percy, a peruvian healer and another western ayahuasquero, named Ron. Both live near Iquitos* and work with ayahuasca. Participants of ayahuasca ceremonies, touroperators and --guides, as well as western visionquesters recount episodes of their journeys and internal imagery. A growing global pop cultural phenomenon, swinging between psychotherapeutic healing procedure and spiritual sell-out.

Mestizo- and gringo herbalists recount episodes of daily life and their career histories. Amazonian tourists and western visionseekers report about interior spaces, motifs and passages of their journeys. Representatives of the local tourism industry talk about guided tours, the psychoactive drink ayahuasca, vanishing indigenous cultures, spiritual sellout triggered by "experience consumerism" and also discuss excursions into the surrounding rainforest of a jungle metropole.

*A city affected by the change of time, fluctuating between tradition and modernity - a locus of cultural transition facing the impact of globalization and its sequences.

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Heaven Earth (2008)