The Heart Of The World Is In You and Needs You

Our ancestors have named this place the #HeartOfTheWorld
A sacred place for protection of humanity, the animals, trees and water.

The Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta is a sacred territory Tayrona in COLOMBIA △
Our great mother; a special mountain by the sea, over 5,000 meters high and millions of years old, is the largest coastal mountain in the world. It is a reserve of the biosphere and World Heritage Site. It’s a network of ecosystems that balance the natural ecosystem of the world. The home of countless life forms.

It is a sacred site that protects four indigenous communities responsible for holding the spiritual balance of Mother Earth. Their sacred task is teaching divine laws to maintain harmony with nature. They are the guardians of the earth, our older siblings, the ones preserving the ancestral knowledge that is INVALUABLE FOR HUMANITY.

Awímaku! is a spiritual leader in Lost City (Teyuna). The son of the Jaguar has a love message for the World!


Join the movement! △

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The Heart Of The World Is In You and Needs You