Guantanamo: Inside The Wire (2009)

"I know what it is like to lose your liberty, to lose control, to have to submit to the will of your captors," says journalist Yvonne Ridley about her experience as a captive of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Catalysed by this experience, Yvonne joins forces with filmmaker David Miller to make a documentary about the detention of 'enemy combatants' in the most notorious prison in the world, Guantanamo Bay. A self-proclaimed 'fierce critic of America's War on Terror', Yvonne is astonished when her request is granted and the Pentagon allows her exclusive access to the compound.Guantanamo Bay was opened in Cuba in 2002 by the US Military shortly after America's invasion of Afghanistan. Yvonne explains Guantanamo was "designed by the Bush administration and is symbolic of the Bush... read more
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Guantanamo: Inside The Wire (2009)