Give People their Rightful Place

This film is set in Dakar and its suburbs. A few kilometers from the Social Forum 2011 which took place in the University, residents of a neighborhood affected by extreme poverty spend time and energy trying to improve their living conditions and those of their neighbours, in order to live decently in an area that is constantly flooded. These young people want to raise awareness on the situation in their neighbourhood, they want to show their involvement in overcoming extreme poverty. They go to the Forum, but how can their voice be heard in so much noise, amidst exchanges, and so many meetings?

This film raises the question of how to create spaces for the most vulnerable, for those who are still notably absent from debates, and the confrontations of ideas. Most specifically in events such as the World Social Forums, which are precisely spaces in search of greater justice for all, how then to be heard?

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Give People their Rightful Place