Gandhi's Children (2011)
3.5 · 1

This is a visually stunning, powerful, and engaging documentary. The director's personal journey across India captures the stories of the marginalized, powerless and oppressed who are living in dire conditions, while the corporate India is boasting of a superpower economy by 2020. ?Four very powerful stories woven around Earth, Fire, Wind and Water bring out the discriminative manner in which untouchables and tribal people are treated. After revealing many appalling stories, including a community that eats rats for survival, the film ends with hope, by featuring a group of 100,000 marginalized tribal people preparing to stage a non violent foot march covering 340 kilometers over a period of one month, demanding land rights in the year 2012.

This film has gone to 34 International film festivals and have won 8 awards all for Best Documentary Cinematography. A compelling story woven around music and photography. A Vishnu Vasu Film.
on Wed, Jan 16 2013 · 8,260 Views
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