Game Of Cuts - Winter Is Coming For Councils

Winter is coming for the Northern and Midland Cities! Support Fairer Funding For Local Councils. 

Lord Ned Starp’s pleas for fairer funding for the people of the Northern Cities are met with mockery by the King. At the same time the Southern Cities prosper... 


Since 2010 local government in England has lost more than 40% of its core funding.
Urban authorities, largely in the North and Midlands, have lost the most money as a result of these cuts.

By March 2016…
* Manchester will have lost £197 million
* Liverpool will have lost £202 million
* Sheffield will have lost £159 million
* Newcastle upon Tyne will have lost £91 million
* Leicester will have lost £86 million
* Sandwell will have lost £89 million

Some of our poorest communities are facing the greatest cuts, putting more people in poverty. Local government funding must be fairer so councils can continue to provide vital services to those that need them.

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Game Of Cuts - Winter Is Coming For Councils