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Asuman is an artist in Turkey.  After her children grew up she was relieved of the duties of a housewife and wanted to make a career. While searching for a career in art, her lifelong interest, she encountered Eyüp toys, traditional 17th century toys once constructed in her part of Istanbul .  With the help of Kadın Emeğini Değerlendirme Vakfı (KEDV), also known as Foundation for the Support of Women's Work, Asuman learned to organize a cooperative and makes friends with the women that will help her build Eyüp Toys. While she continues to improve her skills with so-called "masculine" tools in the workshop, Asuman helps other women who also want to be empowered and pursue their passion.  Now a formal cooperative, the Eyüp Oyuncakçıları is not only a toy-making factory but also a... read more
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