Episode 3: Whose Town? Our Town! (Part 2 -Throwing Stones at Goliath)
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M.U.S.T. Co-Founder, Tanyette Colon follows the Minisink, NY community through their 16 month battle of stopping a 12000 HP Gas Compressor Station from being built in the middle of a residential/agriculture zone with 200 homes within a half mile of the site.  Minisink, NY is home to many 9/11 First Responders, Organic farmers and many young families.   In Episode One: Throwing Stones at Goliath we learn that Minisink, NY is the projected hub for a larger natural gas infrastructure in NY State.

In Episode 3, you see the struggle of this community as they fight this Goliath project that when built will be a health threat to their community and the already compromised health of the 9/11 first responders.  

To learn more go to:

www.we-must.com  or www.stopmcs.org 

on Sun, Dec 9 2012 · 1,857 Views
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