Episode 2. SPICY: The History of Spain with the Gazpachomonk

The GazpachOmOnk History of Spain Episode TWO in the oddly surreal TWELVE part series on the HISTORY OF SPAIN with the GazpachOmOnk. In this second episode the GazpachOmOnk traces the Romans to Moors in Spain. Whilst the Romans marched through Iberia, the Bearded Visigoths sort of hung around and twiddled with their beards. The Moors however - we are reliably informed by historians that love dates and facts - they "invaded Spain". But, hang on... back then 'Spain' didn't even exist as a nation, so what were they "invading" and how come it only took the Moors 4 years to "invade the penisnsula", whilst it took the might of the faithful Christians (with untold armies of mercenaries) eight centuries to "invade" Al-Andlaus? Maybe it time to redefine "Invasion"?  Join the GazpachOmOnk on... read more
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Episode 2. SPICY: The History of Spain with the Gazpachomonk