Donald Trump's Covert Powers of Persuasion

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Could Donald Trump really win in 2016?? It seems like a ridiculous question, but Donald Trump's 2016 campaign has defied all the expectations from the pundits. Initially considered a joke candidate, he now leads the Republican pack in most national polls and the polls for the most important caucuses.

At the same time, a huge portion of America would be mortified if Trump were to win. He's made remarks about Muslims and Mexicans that many have found offensive and those same people are baffled about how he could be the Republican frontrunner.

It's no accident though. Trump has an incredible amount of charisma and an intuitive understanding of human psychology. We'll dive into how he's used it to garner support in what many thought was an impossible campaign. We'll see Donald Trump can take the nomination for presidency in 2016.

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Donald Trump's Covert Powers of Persuasion