Do You Know Who I Am?

Since the terrifying attacks on Paris in November, there has been a huge spike in attacks on British Muslims, with more than 115 recorded in a single week, including a petrol bomb being thrown into a mosque in east London. On the streets, those targeted are mostly young female Muslims, women wearing hijabs. The perpetrators are typically white males aged between 15 and 35.

Muslims make up just five per cent of the United Kingdom’s population, yet some divisive newspaper headlines would have you think otherwise. How do young British Muslims feel in the country that they grew up in, in an aggressive climate where strangers may shout at you on the bus, determined to connect them to crimes that they did not commit?

This film – Do You Know Who I Am? – meets the young Muslims of London, delves into their experiences with Islamophobia and explores the effect that it has on their sense of British identity.

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Do You Know Who I Am?