Consciousness For Existence الوعي من أجل الوجود (English subtitled)

In his book "Magic of Reiality", Richard dawkings tried portraying that reality is merely everything in existence. Nothing is more important than knowing why you’re here, the reason behind living...
Human existence has been abandoned, and our lives are seldom directed towards a goal, our existence is merely a consumption, a consumption with no consciousness.Ones greatest aspiration is to reach ecstasy,
 and that is considered the main motive of human kind.

Despair increased due to the loss of balance, and that made us search for our existence (calling) everywhere around us... In everywhere except within us…

We’re in the quest of searching because if a human stops searching will live a partial hollow life.


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Consciousness For Existence الوعي من أجل الوجود (English subtitled)