Commerce or Corruption? The Economics of Mega-Dams

this film exposes how officials in the Malaysian government are making huge profits on "development" projects that are forcibly relocating local people in Sarawak. The plan to build twelve additional mega-dams is excessive as Sarawak already has abundant electricity. Dam proponents do not have a plan for how to use all the energy or where to sell it. However, private companies involved in construction and transmission stand to make gigantic profits, and some of these companies are controlled by relatives or cronies of the governor of the state, Taib Mahmud, the driving force behind the dams. Academic experts from Oxford University, the University of Malaysia, and the University of California at Berkeley explain that such mega-dams are actually not a wise economic investment for the country. Experts go on to explain that there are alternative energy systems, such as a combination of solar power, micro-hydro projects and bio-gasification that would sustain more wealth for more people over the long run.

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Commerce or Corruption? The Economics of Mega-Dams