Cold at Home

Thrilled to announce that this film won 1st Prize for Long Documentary Category at the Danish Press Awards in March 2017!!! 

In a small Ukrainian village not far from Kiev, people across three generations - Katja, Stephan and Maria - are finding ways to cope with winter after the government increased natural gas prices by 280%, literally over night (1 April 2015).

But 'fuel poverty' can affect anyone: in fact 100 million people in Europe and North America struggle to keep their homes adequately warm - often having to make difficult daily choices like whether to 'heat or eat'.

Beyond the web documentary, uses multimedia to investigate what fuel poverty is, where it exists, its causes and impacts. And explores solutions from policy, technology, financing and social perspectives. It also includes tips on how to reduce energy consumption at home, which can be used by anyone to save money and reduce CO2 emissions. 

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Cold at Home