City Living, Nature Calling ~ Documentary Introduction (trailer)

Video introducing Dr Geoffrey Berry in his debut documentary presentation for City Living, Nature Calling; an ecomythic documentary for our times. This proposed doco is up for crowd funding until 19th November at The trailer shows how modern myths, such as unending economic progress and technological abundance, exacerbate the environmental crisis. Our ability to respond to climate change is also weakened by the fact that city living divorces us from the natural world, so that we lack strong feelings about its destruction.

But beneath all this is a factor that gives more hope than any other - our innate love of home, a 'biophilia' that shines through our modern loyalties to urban lifestyles because humanity spent most of its evolution in close contact with nature. Join Geoff in City Living, Nature Calling as he explores how this new myth - which is also the oldest myth around - can help save us and the planet at the same time.

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City Living, Nature Calling ~ Documentary Introduction