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Ce Que l'On Voit/What We See Presented by 29CM (http://www.29cm.co.kr), Eloquence Magazine, and Nous Sommes Demain.   À Paris, une jeune photographe cherche sa place dans une société moderne en décadence. In Paris, a young photographer strives to make a living in an ill and modern society.   Selections : Cannes Short Film Corner 2013 Mons (Télé MB) Film Festival 2014 (Belgium) American Online Film Awards 2014, Spring Showcase Independant Screenings: Péniche Cinéma Paris November 2013 Disturb Nights Paris December 2013 Enter the Peacock Palace Paris May 2014   “I joined bbB Project because I liked the international aspect of it. The concept of having four different filmmakers from the same generation, shooting in four different countries, is to me very interesting and... read more
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