Catch It! (2013)

“Catch it” is the debut documentary by Amelie de Rooij, about how dance can educate and inspire young people in disadvantaged communities around the world. The director, who hails from the suburbs of Paris and herself grew up with dance as an integral part of her life, left her job as a consultant to travel to countries where dance created a path for people who often struggled to find one.

She visited South Africa, India, the Philippines and Brazil, where she spent time with young dancers from different dance disciplines, and interviewed them on their feelings about the artform.

The result is an honest display of emotional and strong expression from these youth, who are sometimes pushed to tears in explaining how dance gives them the ability to grow, and find a reason for their existence in societies who do not consider them as important.

"Catch It!" ends up being a tribute to dance, showing the incredible faith and belief of those dancers in their passion and in their dreams, despite their conditions.

Director: Amelie de Rooij (

Editor: Antoine Castro

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Catch It! (2013)