Can Greece’s Struggle be the Catalyst for a Wider European Popular Mobilisation? A Roundtable Discussion

After months of negotiations Greece reaches a bad agreement with Eurozone partners. What will happen now? Can Greece be a catalyst for a wider European mobilisation? A roundtable conversation with Costas Douzinas, Margarita Tsomou, Srecko Horvat, Jerome Roos, and host Lorenzo Marsili. European Alternatives is proud to present a new media format to you: Talk Real. In this talk show host Lorenzo Marsili discusses urgent political questions with distinguished guests. The first episode was shot in Athens and deals with the relationship between the Left and Europe since the Greek crisis.  Guardian journalist Owen Jones asked if it is time for the left to abandon the European Union. Greece’s leftist party Syriza appears to answer with a resounding “No”. The fierce negotiations between... read more
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Can Greece’s Struggle be the Catalyst for a Wider European Popular Mobilisation? A Roundtable Discussion