Anti-Eviction Dapu 昨天拆大埔 今天拆政府

Fuck The Government 昨天拆大埔, 今天拆政府! 1st Look(1), When the Excavators Came to the Rice Fields(2), Camp@Ministry of Executive(3~6), Charge@Presidential Palace(7), Revolt@KMT HQ(8), Dapu Solidarity Night(9), Revolt@Ministry of Legislature(10), Funeral Protest@Miaoli Govt(11), Occupy Ministry of Interior(12), Occupy Ministry of Interior Civil Disobedience(13~17), (18) Dapu 大埔 the farm village was land grabbed by Miaoli County Govt, using land speculation, developing or urban renew projects, under the coersion and permission of 劉政鴻(Miaoli King), 江宜樺(Minister of Executive), 吳敦義(Vice President), 內政部(Minister of Interior) and 馬英九(President). From 2010 to 2014, the resist of Dapu, slowly became a social revolution, in one national slogan "Fuck The Government 昨天拆大埔, 今天拆政府!"... read more
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Anti-Eviction Dapu 昨天拆大埔 今天拆政府