Aldeia Maracana~: Indigenous Village in Rio de Janeiro city (Feb 2013)

Different from the traditional idea of an indigenous village, the 'Aldeia Maracanã', as it is known here, is a village created and maintained by more than one Brazilian ethnic group. It is located inside and around an old ruined mansion, not far from Rio de Janeiro's city centre and just a few minutes away from the giant Maracanã football stadium. The property, an imperial house dated 1842, was home for important decisions for the Indigenous people in Brazil, but it had been completely abandoned for decades when the first Indians arrived, in the early 2000s. The indians' arrival in the village is often described as an 'occupation' but 're-appropriation' is the term its residents and supporters prefer to use. After a failed attempt in 2004, the village was finally... read more
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Aldeia Maracana~: Indigenous Village in Rio de Janeiro city (Feb 2013)