"ADVENTURES of a HAPPY HOBO" #1 the Adventure Begins 2015

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 "Adventures of a Happy Hobo" is a self-documented video of me, an artist/ clown/ musician, creating my dream cabin on wheels and traveling the country to spread happy... It's an amazing feeling when you don't have a schedule; nowhere to be and no responsibilities.

As I turned 60, I decided enough was enough, if I was going to help the world the best thing to do is lower my carbon footprint, stop participating in the corporate world and go out there and be the change I wanted to see in the world. I decided the best thing I could do is go out and find ways to interact with folks in a real positive way.

This whole documentry was filmed and edited by me...the music is provided by my friends and the events were unplaned nor rehearsed. It's just me spreadin happy...

wait til you see my interaction with the sheriff in Epi 3...hope you watch em

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"ADVENTURES of a HAPPY HOBO" #1 the Adventure Begins 2015