Taiwan Abandoned Workers 關廠工人連線抗爭

"Nobody cares for workers, till we fight for ourselves. 工人沒人疼, 只有自己拼!" ~Abandoned Workers 關廠工人 Abandoned Workers Go to President Palace (1~3) 六步一跪到總統府前丟雞蛋方式表達「政府混蛋、勞工完蛋」. Abandoned Workers@101 (4~5) 101耶誕樹下報佳音,預告跨年夜癱瘓台北捷運. Abandoned Workers@Taipei MRT (6~8) 跨年夜癱瘓台北捷運的演習. Abandoned Workers@Presidential Mansion (9) 突襲總統官邸並開始靜坐. Abandoned Workers@Taipei Station (10~13) 2013年2月5日8pm台北車站臥軌. Abandoned Workers@Legislative Yuan (14) 在立法院門口召開中元普渡劈棺記者會. Abandoned Workers@New Taipei City (15) 在新北市報怨音呼籲新北法官能將案件移轉行政訴訟. Abandoned Workers Hunger Strike@Ministry Of Labor (16) 在勞委會前進行無限期絕食. Abandoned Workers Anti-Judicial Oppression March (17) 關廠工人反司法壓迫遊行 Abandoned Workers Go to MOL (18) 關廠工人 vs 勞動部 Jump rails 臥軌, Sit-ins 靜坐, Sleep-ins 夜宿, marches 遊行, knee-down crawlings 六步一跪, eggings 丟雞蛋... read more
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Taiwan Abandoned Workers 關廠工人連線抗爭